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Application of Waterman brand stable chlorine dioxide in brewery


1. Importance: 

Microbial control technology is particularly important in the beer production process.

  • The complicated production process of beer
  • Long production cycle
  • Humid production environment

2. Application of Waterman stable clo2 (reference)






Brewery water treatment

--most widely used field

0.5 ~ 5

Industrial wastewater --treatment

Drinking water--disinfection, decolorization & deodorization


Water is one of the main raw materials in the beer production process. The quality of the water directly affects the quality of the finished beer. Therefore, according to the raw water quality of the factory, it is necessary to use a certain concentration (0.5 ~ 5mg / L) of stable ClO2 disinfectant to prepare sterile water in line with the process requirements.


Sterilization in the process of making wheat 



Malt mold has always been a problem that plagues the process of making wheat.


ClO2 is a highly effective safe disinfectant and bleaching agent in the beer-making industry. 200mg/L of ClO2 can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of mold during malt production and improve the quality of malt.


Compared with the commonly used bleaching powder and formaldehyde, ClO2 greatly improves the working conditions of workers because of its colorless, odorless, non-irritating and non-corrosive, and it also reduces indoor odor due to its deodorizing effect.


In addition, ClO2 can also treat phenol-containing wastewater, which plays an important role in reducing the concentration of polyphenols in the immersed wheat water, which is beneficial to more leaching of barley polyphenols, reducing malt color and improving malt quality.

Sterilization of process piping and production equipmen


With the continuous increase of beer production, the the volume of fermenters tanks, yeast tanks, and sake tanks is getting larger and larger, and the number is increasing. When the cleaning pressure of CIP system is increased, the fungicide is also raised.


CIP method is mainly used in cleaning of the beer production process pipeline currently .

But its operation cost is high and the consumption time is long, which makes the CIP system operate inefficiently, and the use of low-temperature water-cooling sterilization increases the probability of re-staining the pipeline.


Use of ClO2 as a bactericide has the advantages of good bactericidal effect, low effective concentration and fast action speed, and has become the most ideal choice for beer enterprises. Sterilized water can also be recycled for the next use.

Sterilization of the production workshop environment


At room temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity of 20% to 40%, 

--- 7mg/L of ClO2 can kill 90% of Bacillus subtilis within 4.2 min

--- 15mg/L of ClO2 can kill 90% of Bacillus subtilis within 2.5 min

Increasing the humidity is beneficial to increase the sterilization effect.

Under the same conditions, its killing rate against mold > that of bacteria.


The brewery's fermentation workshop has a humid working environment and is suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. In order to ensure a sterile working environment, Formaldehyde and bleaching powder are mainly useed as fungicides in production dept... Long-term use of them can affect the physical and mental health of operators.


Method (for reference):

Use of ClO2 as a disinfectant by spray or fumigation method for sterilization in the fermentation plant, not only good effect, short time, a sterilization rate of 80%, but also is safe for worker.


The workshop can be divided into several areas by combination of the average layout and the key arrangement. The activated ClO2 solution is placed in an open container, and chlorine dioxide is volatilized from the solution to be effectively fumigated.


At present, most beer companies use formaldehyde as a bactericidal agent for immersing pipes, hoses, etc., which is dangerous to use and should be replaced by ClO2.

A similar approach can also lead another important workshop in the brewery--the filling workshop reach to a clean and hygienic environment.

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